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The Age of the Sphinx
Part I

An Original Research Series, "The Age of the Sphinx©"
JamesBowles_October 9, 2000 (1)


When we consider dating the Sphinx outside of the traditional
framework, the questions of merit come down to these. What
were the traditions?  What was the culture? What were the
geographics? What fits, and what doesn't?

This poetic series on "The Age of the Sphinx©" will answer
these questions, and it'll set the date back 30,000 yrs.

Part 1) The Ancient Wonders

When t'is our Heritage that we seek
Then it's to New Techniques
That we must speak
To stay the paths so Faintly marked
So indiscernible that anyone's past.

So direct to the point
And this is fact,
The passage of time, and Nature's plunder
Has all but buried
The Ancient Wonders.

The pyramids are there around the world
Some submerged in ocean depths
And others in sandy cover,
Awe-inspiring and opulent once
The "Who and Why," Gone and lost forever!

But that's not to say
That what was Theirs
Cannot be ours still,
Admitting first, we adopt the Truths,
Embroidered in the Ancient skills.

Even than, we're but Half way there,
For the latitudes of lands we know
And think are Sacrosanct,
Are nothing of the sort,
Because the Ancient's were never there!

For the crust of the Earth
Goes shifting around (2)
Moving things here and about
And the waters [tho' Not of Biblical fame]
Wreck their havoc, and wipe everything out.

Mastodons and Giant sloths
Saber toothed cats, all once in abundance
Now buried in shallow graves,
In the frozen tundras of the North,
And Westerly facing Caves. (3)

The waters balked, and Nature Raved
And elephants from Mastodons became,
While Bengal's emerged from Saber Tooth fame.
Giant Sloths mere rodents changed,
And its lions and tigers and bears Today!

So things are not as we are told
Continents do not drift
Nor mountains fold;
Nor crust subduct
Within the Earth to Hold!

For there are No holes
For the crust to go,
Nor are there handles below the crust
For scientifically proclaimed magmas
To grasp, For Tectonic control.

Yet processes are there
But they are not these,
They are far more daring and act destructively.
But no Scientist nor teacher need you be
For so simple, you'll Discern Intuitively. (4)

So Continents we'll follow
And the Mountains steep
The mechanisms born that Gravity reaps,
And the ancient customs we'll explore
Now mistakenly labeled Myth and Lore.

For the ancient records, though buried deep
Are broad in scope and near complete.
And they'll take you places you've never Dreamed
To Nasca and Alaska, To Dendera and the Zodiac
And finally to the Sphinx, now fast Asleep.

But for now we'll leave you here
With this in mind to Keep!
The Ancients were all that we enshrine
But final chronologies cannot be told
Until natural catastrophe we enfold!


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1)  An Original Poem by James Bowles, author of "The Gods, Gemini, and the
Great Pyramid."

"The Gods, Gemini, and the Great Pyramid" may be purchased at all Barnes and
Noble Book Stores, or ordered via the Internet at:

2)  Charles H. Hapgood, "Earth's Shifting Crust," Pantheon Books, 1958

3) The reference to "Westerly facing Caves," will be developed in a later
chapter as part of the proof for natural catastrophe.

4)  The reference here is to the RB-Effect, [first discovered and defined
by, James Bowles, "The Gods, Gemini, and the Great Pyramid," Gemini Books,
1998, pg 1] It is defined as a natural, scientifically proven, phenomenon
relating to the process of catastrophic Earth change.


a.) It is the purpose of, ‘The Age of the Sphinx©," series to search the
physical, cultural, and scientific archives, and bring together everything
that can be found that chronicles an extreme age of the Sphinx, and a
verifiable model of catastrophic  Earth change.

The hypothesis that patterns this research is that the Sphinx is
approximately 30 to 36,000 years in age, that the catastrophic model is one
of crustal displacement, and the cultural model is one of near total
catastrophic  extinction of non-Biblical origin.

b.) This poem may be copied and distributed provided 1.) All copyright laws,
both domestic and foreign are complied with, 2.) The poem is not altered, or
amended in any way, 3.) It is copied and distributed in its entirety,
including author credits, title, copyright, notes, endnotes,
acknowledgments, and any and all content that is inherent, though may not be
mentioned here specifically.

"All truth goes through three stages: first it is ridiculed: then it is
violently opposed: finally it is accepted as self evident."  Schopenhauer

An Original Research Series,
"The Age of the Sphinx©" JamesBowles_October 9, 2000

The Age of the Sphinx

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